Selected maps

This page stores a selection of maps concerning Latvian History for quick view.


Map showing present borders and cities.


Latvian administrative provinces after latest regional reform in 2008.-2009.


Map of Riga, Capital of Latvia.


Map of Early Baltic Tribes

Latvian tribes and political order before the Crusades. Curonians are pink. Semigallians are yellow, Selonians are bright brown, Latgallians are bright blue. Livonians are green.


Latvia at modern era. Grey is Vidzeme and Latgalia under Polish Rule, in 1621. Vidzeme was taken by Sweden. Light gray is Duchy of Curland and Semigallia.

Swedish Empire. 17.-18.century.

The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia

The Partitions of Poland. All Latvian territory becomes property of Russian Empire.

Latvia under Russian Empire. The three provinces- Province of Curland, Province of Vidzeme, and Province of Vitebsk (Latgalian side).

Independent Latvian nation 1918.-1940.

Molotov-Ribentrop pact and its results.

Soviet army bases 1939. after mutual assistance pact with the Soviet Union

Latvia under Nazi occupation 1941-1945

Latvia during the Holocaust.

Latvian emigration to western world after World war II


Latvian Regions- Curland (Kurzeme), Semigallia (Zemgale), Vidzeme, Selonia (Sēlija), Latgalia (Latgale).