Old Candy Wrappings from Latvia and Soviet Union

This is a feature of small collection made by J. Ancāne from Tukums, that later came over to my family. Its small notebook from period from fifties to sixties of 20 century featuring original candy wrappings made in Latvia before the World War 2 and during the Soviet rule. Among the Soviet ones there is also candy wrappings from Soviet Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. The quality of the wrappings over the years are not in the best shape, in many cases they have been glued improperly and therefore hard to scan. So the quality of the scans are in the quality in which the wrappings are or how the scanner was able to scan them.

During the 1920-1940 era, Latvia had large sweets industry. Before WWI there was already major enterprises like “Th Riegert” and “LW Goegginger” and others. These survived the war and re opened business in independent Latvia. New candy, chocolate and coffee producers started to spring up like “V. Ķuze”, “Maķedonija”, “Union”. “Voshod”, “Mežits”, “Augļu Konzums” ect. Among them the Maķedonija owned by group of Jewish investors renamed itself into “Laima” on 1925 and in following years became the leading enterprise in Latvian sweets industry, along with V. Ķuze, LW Goegginger and Th. Riegert. On 1933 the Laima Jewish investors expanded their business and moved to Palestine and created associated factory “Elite”. On 1937 the Latvian State took over “Laima” and “Th. Riegert” and united into single “Laima” factory in effort to control the sweets sector and limit the  economy ownership for the national minorities. “Elite” survived in Israel and became the leading Israeli sweets company till this day

On 1940 all the sweets enterprises were nationalized. The owner of V. Ķuze – Vilhelms Ķuze was deported to Siberia, and factory was renamed “17. Jūnijs” in the name of day of soviet occupation. LW Goegginger after the end of the war was renamed “Uzvara” (Victory). Only “Laima” kept its name. During the soviet era these three state companies were leading in Soviet Latvian sweets industry.

After restoration of independence, “17. Jūnijs” became “Staburadze” and “Uzvara” in 1998 was merged with “Laima” now owned by private owners. Later in 2010 “Staburadze” was also merged in “Laima”. Along with “Laima” now there is “Pūres Saldumi” and “Skrīveru Saldumi” and smaller companies.

Cover of the notebook with old wrappings inside


“Laima” Caramels Mimoza

“Laima” caramel Colobri

“Laima” Northern Ice Caramel

“Laima” caramels Parrot

LW Goegginger – Ametist – My Treasure

Union – Milk Chocolate Marabu

Laima – Serenade

Laima – the Rose

LW Goegginger – Beautiful Latvia

Augļu Korzums – The Catchphrase

V. Ķuze – the Milk bar

Laima – Biedermeier

Laima – chocolate Creme brule

Laima – Honey Malt caramel

The Union of Liepāja Milk masters – Milk Bubble

Laima – caramels Bubi

Laima – caramel Carmen

Laima – Rhythm chocolate

Laima – the Frost

Laima – The Milky

LW Goegginger – Black Currant caramels

The Soviet Era

Laima – Rye Flower

Uzvara – the Flower Bucket

Laima – White Chamomile

Laima the Chamomile

Laima – The Chamomile

Uzvara – the Flower Bucket

Laima – White Chamomile

Laima – The Chamomile

Laima the Chamomile

Laima – Student candy

Laima – the Cow milk candies

Laima – the Cow

17 Jūnijs – The Cow

Laima Xio Xio San


Laima – The Radium

Laima – The Radium

Laima – The Radium

Laima – Serenade

Laima – The Aviator

17. Jūnijs – Serenade

17 Jūnijs – the Storm Bird

Soviet caramel

Laima – The Premier

Laima – The Premiere

Pārtika – Desert

Uzvara – Rye Flower

Laima – The White Night

17 Jūnijs – Cream caramel

“The Red October” Moscow

Laima – The Plays

17 Jūnijs – Squirrel

Sagādātājs – Peppermint and Laima – the Polar Bear

Laima – Rye Flower

17 Jūnijs – The Squirrel

Laima – The Squirrel

Uzvara candy

Uzvara – The Lemon

Laima- The White Night

17 Jūnijs – Liquor Candy

Unknown – Anniversary chocolate

Laima – The Red Poppy

17 Jūnijs – The Plays

Laima – The Lemon

Unknown – Radium

17 June – Cream Caramel

Pārtika – Peppermint

Uzvara – Elbrus

Laima – the Sport Chocolate

Laima – The Chocolate Circus

Pārtika – the Courage

Uknown – Ritz Lake

Laima – Chocolate Lux

Unknown Latvian producer

Uzvara – Golden Key

Laima – Extra

Laima – Extra

Uzvara – Golden Key

Laima – The Golden key

Pārtika – The Baton

Possibly Lithuanian producer

The Spring – Kiev Candy Factory

Laima – The Storm Bird

Unknown – Cream nut chocolate

Laima – The Red Beam

Kiev Candy factory

17 Jūnijs – Cancer necks

Uzvara – Chocolate Prime

Uzvara – The Cooperation

Laima – Chocolate Standarts

Uzvara – Chocolate Mokka

Laima – Chocolate Sport

Uzvara – Chocolate Prime

17 Jūnijs – The Plays

The Red October, Moscow – 1654-1954 300 years of Uniting Ukraine with Russia

Red October, Moscow – the XXIII anniversary of October Socialist revolution

Uzvara – Fruit caramels


Uzvara – The Summer

Laima – Milk Chocolate Extra

17 June – The White Night

Laima – The Lemon

Uzvara – Bonbon

Laima – Lux

Uzvara – Fruit bucket


Laima – The Golden Anchor

Klaipēda Lithuania Candy factory “Gegužes Pirmoj”

Leningrad candy factory

Uzvara – Oriole

Sagādātājs – Iris

Leningrad candy factory

Kiev candy Factory – Rivera

Lithuania Siaulia Rūta – Spring

Lithuanian Klaipēda candy factory – Elbrus

17 Jūnijs – the Strawberry

Laima – The Spring

From factory in Moscow

Laima – The Spring

Kartprodukts – The Cow

17 Jūnijs – The Apple

17 Jūnijs – Viktorija

17 June

Sadarbība – The Peppermint

Uzvara – the Transparent candy



The Red October Moscow

Laima – Rivera

Leningrad Mikoyan Factory

The Red October Moscow

Laima – The Squirrel

Laima – Fruit Bucket


The Red October Mocow

Unknown soviet factory – Butterfly

Laima – Students candy

Leningrad candy factory

Uzvara – Tuzik

Kiev Candy Factory -Golden Key

Laima – Cacao Cream

17 Jūnijs – The Bee

Laima – Golden Anchor

Laima – Weather Balloon

17 Jūnijs

The Red October, Moscow – the Storm Bird

Laima – The Spring

Laima – Happy Childhood

Laima – Golden Key


17 June – The Morning

17 Jūnijs – Pink Rose

Laima Chocolate baton with Praline fill

Uzvara – Transparent

The Jelgava City Industrial Combinate – Cow

Laima – Chamomile

Pārtika – Cow

Laima – Student candy

Red October Moscow

Jelgava City Industrial Combinate – Cow

Chocolate Standarts

17 Jūnijs – The Dawn

Kalev Estonia

Laima – Storm Bird

First of May

Uzvara – The Butterfly

Laima- Elbrus

17 June – Desert Caramel

Laima – Kara Kum

Uzvara – Apple Caramel

Uzvara – Tuziks

Leningrad candy factory


Leningrad Candy Factory – Victoria

Laima – Xio – San