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Four years ago I started to write this blog and it has turned out to be fairly popular and educational source. So I have realized my long desire to assemble this all in one complete book.

So the result is 385 page eBook Latvian History: An Outlineits available to you in this link below:

This is a result of may year long work on this blog. 74 posts have been turned into chapters with selected bibliography and sources. This book is dedication to Latvia’s 95 birthday and all my readers. I hope one day it will  turn into printed version.

The chapters in this book:

The Chronology of the main events.

1. The Prehistoric Latvia.

2. Curonians against Vikings. The Tales of Battles and Raids.16

3. The Fortresses of Semigallia.

4. The Latgalians- a distinct Latvians or a different Nation?

5. The Forgotten tribe of Selonians

6. The Disappearing Nation of Livonians

7. The Latvian Mythology

8. Early Latvian statehood and civil order before the Crusades

9. Latvia during the Crusades- an short survey.

10. First Crusaders in Latvia and the founding of Riga

11. The Order of the Brothers of Sword

12. The battle for Daugava waterway. The fall of Jersika

13. The beginning of Feudal order in Latvia 60

14. The Collaboration of Ruler Kaupo

15. Crusade against Curonians..

16. The Crusade in Semigallia and Battle of Saule in 1236

17. The Livonian Order.

18. The Last Resistance of the Semigallians .75

19. The Confederation of Livonia.

20. The Medieval Riga.

21. Medieval Money in Latvia.

22. Latvia and the Hanseatic League

23. Reformation in Livonia.

24. Wolter von Plettenberg

25. The Livonian War

26. Calendar Revolt in Riga.

27. Polish-Swedish war 1600-1629

28. The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia

29. Swedish Vidzeme.

30. Latvian Witches

31. The Great Northern War 1700-1721.

32. Baltic Germans

33. The Jews in Latvia

34. Russians in Latvia

35. Poles in Latviavian Nation.

38. The 1905 Revolution in Latvia

39. First World War in Latvia 1914-1917

40. The Latvian Red Riflemen in the Russian Civil War 1917-1922

41. The Proclamation of the Latvian Independence 18 November 1918

42. Latvian war for freedom 1918-1920

43. The International Recognition of Latvian Independence 1918-1921

44. Latvian parliament and governments 1920-1934

45. Latvian Finances and Economy 1920-1940

46. Presidents of Latvia 1922-1940

47. Latvian Foreign Policy 1921-1939

48. Latvian Army 1918-1940

49. Latvian intelligence services 1919-1940

50. Baltic German Nazis in Latvia 1933-1939

51. Latvian Orders and Medals

52. Karlis Ulmanis Authoritarian Regime 1934-1940

53. Latvians in the Great Purge 1937-1938

54. Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

55. 1939-1940 The Loss of Latvian independence

56. The Soviet attack on Latvian border station Maslenki 1940

57. Litene – The Latvian Katyn

58. Soviet Mass Deportations of June 14 1941 297

59. The Baltic Question 1940-1945

60. Nazi Germany Invasion in Latvia 1941

61. Holocaust in Latvia

62. Latvian Waffen SS Legion

63. Latvian Soldiers in the Red Army 1941-1945

64. The Courland Fortress 1944-1945

65. Latvian Resistance against the Nazi Occupation

66. Latvian National Resistance Against the Soviet Occupation 1944-1956

67. Soviet Mass Deportations of March 25 1949

68. Latvia under the Soviet Union: Politics and economy 1945-1987

69. KGB in Latvia

70. Latvia – Soviet War Base 1944-1994

71. Latvians in the Western Exile 1944-1991

72. The restoration of Latvian independence 1986-1992

73. Modern day Latvia


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