Five years of the


On July 6 2009 I Maris Goldmanis made first two posts in this new blog Back in 2009 I was a Bachelors study course student in the Latvian University. My inspiration for this blog was the finest English books I came across from great authors like Niall Ferguson, Walter Laquer and  Norman Davies. However, I came to the sad conclusion that our Latvian historians have not done enough to spread out our national view of the Latvian History in English. Yes there were some books made by them, but the internet has lacked valuable information about our history in English language. So it was my personal duty to my homeland to spread the word of Latvia in a language that everyone could easily understand. And I am grateful to everyone who have found this blog useful and interesting. There is too much deformation made about Latvia in the foreign media coming from the East, so I as Latvian and a patriot see as my personal duty to show the Latvian History in the way as we Latvians see themselves.

I have made 134 posts until this day. Most of them are based on authentic academic sources. At first my English grammar skills were not the finest ones, I say thanks to all who have pointed out my mistakes and gave some healthy criticism. According to WordPress stats 156,844 people have viewed this blog in five years, if one or two has found it useful I am very grateful. I say a big thank you to people like Kevin O Connor and  from Gonzaga University Washington US, who have personally endorsed my cause  and I fully support their strive for understanding the Latvia better. Latvia belongs to the western world and I want to keep it that way.

I will not abandon this site as there is more to be told to about Latvia and its history. Soon to mark this five years of work I will release something big. I would like to say great thank you to all my followers in WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. It’s been my joy and honor t0 serve the needs for everyone striving for knowledge and wisdom.  Thank you! Paldies!


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