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Hello my  name is Maris Goldmanis. I live in Riga, Latvia. Its a small country situated on the coast of Baltic Sea.  Since the end of 11. century Latvia has become an battlefield of many rich European powers. First the German Teutonic knights (11.-16. century), then Poles and Swedes (16.-18. century) and finally Russians secured the victory on this land. Through out the centuries the native nation of this land- the Latvians- latvieši, latvji or letten as Germans called them had become subjects of the foreign rulers. The emerging of the Latvian nation was an long process- at first Latvians were divided in five tribes- kurši, zemgaļi, latgaļi and sēļi. There were also an tribe called līvi who were related to Finno Ugric languages. Right now there is only below 100 of them left and they live near the shores of the Baltic Coast in the small fisherman villages. The Latvians became united in one nation thought out the 16.-19.  century with help of local German intellectuals and educated Latvians. In the end of 19. century Latvians were ready to form their own national ideology to gain their own state.  At the end of the First World War Latvians had finally given chance to fight for their freedom. The first independent Latvian Republic were proclaimed in 18. November of 1918. The Republic lived 20 years until the beginning of the Second World War  when it was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940. Latvia regained its independence in 1991 and tries to follow the ideals of the first Republic.  This blog will try to show the course of Latvian history though out the ages and show many interesting and little known facts about Latvian history. I will use the modern literature about Latvian history to make this blog objective and correct. I am open to discussions and correct criticism. This is my personal history project. I hope you will enjoy it.



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  1. gfikke

    Do you or do you know somebody that can give a modern political/social anthropology type of information. An example could be a kind of lecture in the university or as a “guided tour” at some museum/univarsity type of environment.
    If I could give a hint; start with the Vikings and give a short overview of the history, but even more important; how is life in Lativa now, what problems/challanges do you have after the Liberation from Soviet, finance crisis? Maybe something fraom the 2nd World War that became a major challange post war. Etc.
    I’m from time to time in Riga and this time I’m with a group of six persons from a company that are interested in something more than shopping malls and restaurants 🙂

    Thanks, Geir Fikke (Trondheim, Norway)

    • gold88

      You can go to Latvian National History museum at Pils Laukums 3 in the presidential castle. Its got exposition from Prehistory to World war II there must be guides who speak English. About current life in Latvia there is many internet sites like http://www.today.lv/. The people who are more competent in current politics and economy can be found in Faculty of Economy and Social Science faculty.